We have started semester 2 with great excitement and enthusiasm.


As part of our term 3 STEAM and integrated studies the Foundation unit of work is ‘Being an Artist.’ This unit of work is based on the Victorian Curriculum area of Design Technology and The Arts with a main focus on strand of ‘Visual Arts.’ During sessions students will design and create artworks from their grades chosen country which will consist of a traditional piece of art reflecting the countries culture and a modern artwork. To showcase what students have produced this term there will be a whole school Art Show on Wednesday 12th September.


In term 4 our STEAM and integrated studies will be based on ‘Fairytales and Superheroes.’ This unit of work is based on the Victorian Curriculum area of Design and Technologies focusing on the strand of ‘Creating Designed Solutions.’ During STEAM students will investigate, generate, produce and evaluate a variety of products based on given design briefs. Students will study the following fairytales and superheroes throughout the term: Jack & the Beanstalk, Spiderman, Little Red Riding Hood, Batman, Goldilocks and the 3 Bears, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The 3 Little Pigs. These fairytales and superheroes will also be incorporated into Literacy and Numeracy sessions.


In Reader’s Workshop, students will learn to recognise and use common letter blends to segment words, increase their recognition of high frequency wordsand develop their word knowledge. Students will demonstrate their understanding of a text during literature discussions focusing on comprehension strategies such as retelling, summarising stories and making connections to texts (text to self, and text to text). They will develop their understanding of features of fiction and non-fiction texts and the differences between them. In Writer’s Workshop sessions, students will continue with correct letter formation, capital letters at the beginning of sentences, full stops at the end of sentences, the inclusion of finger spaces, constructing simple sentences, typing sentences using Word processing programs e.g. Microsoft Word and learning how to write recounts, narratives, procedural texts and descriptive writing. The Preps will continue integrating the VCOP program into writing sessions. The letters stand for Vocabulary,Connectives, Openers and Punctuation. This engaging writing program is based around talk time.


In Numeracy sessions, students will focus on counting and comparing, will learn positional language through position and movement, sort, describe and name 2D shapes and 3D objects in the environment, addition, subtraction, division (sharing) and following a short sequence of instructions. They will consolidate their knowledge of copying, continuing and creating patterns, creating simple data displays and understanding how a number is made up through subitising activities. Students will complete a variety of activities such as maths games, interactive and hands on activities, the use of ICT through iPad apps and teacher explicit groups.


During classroom based Digital Technologies, the students will continue to develop their understanding of how technology works. They will focus on algorithms (list of steps/instructions), tinkering, programming, Technology: Past and Present, cyber safety and exploring components of digital systems. Students will use software programs such as DB Primary and Scratch Jr, explore the use of robotics and complete a variety of plugged (using a device) and unplugged (no device) learning activities.


In Indonesian sessions, students will learn the greetings for different times of the day for example, Selamat pagi/siang/sore/malam. They will practise exchanging greetings and information about themselves with peers and the teacher. Students will participate in shared performances such as poetry and songs. They will learn to count to 10, the name of colours and animals in Indonesian. 


Foundation Special Events, Excursions and Incursions for Semester 2:

  • 100 Days of Prep celebration day Monday 23rd July
  • Whole School Art Show Wednesday 12th September


We look forward to a great second semester with lots of learning and achievements!


From the Foundation Team

Pania Malesevic, Emma Jepson, Zoe Bartus & Brodie Davenport