The Foundation students have had a fantastic start to the school year by settling into the routines of Primary school and have started their schooling journey with enthusiasm and the willingness to learn new things.


Our integrated studies unit of work is ‘All About Me and My Community.’ Through STEAM investigations students will explore and learn about safety, healthy eating, hygiene, body parts, family and people in the community. In term 2 we will be doing a Science unit with the main focuses on Biological Sciences and Earth & Space Sciences. Students will participate in guided inquiry and STEAM investigations focusing on researching animals, life cycles and designing and creating new animals and habitats. To complement and extend students learning we have organized the Chicken Hatching program to be in the Prep rooms for a week.


In Literacy students will learn the letters and sounds of our focus word of the week, practice word building, spelling, rhyming, how to blend sounds and segment the word of the week through hands on word work stations. In reading students will learn the elements of books, engaging in texts and learning the difference between letters, words and pictures. The CAFÉ reading program will be implemented into Reader’s Workshop sessions. In writing we will use elements of the VCOP writing program while learning correct pencil grip, writing from left to right, how to form letters correctly and how to write sentences. A big focus will be on developing student’s oral language and vocabulary through our weekly language experience program.


In Numeracy workshops this semester we will focus on counting, recognizing and representing numbers 1 to 10, 1:1 correspondence, exploring patterns, money and shapes. This will be learned through daily number talks, interactive and hands on activities, the use of ICT through iPad apps and teacher explicit groups.


For classroom based Digi Tech sessions, students will develop their understanding of how technology works as well as build their skills in using technology. They will focus on blogging, algorithms (list of steps/instructions), how to collect, record, represent and interpret data and exploring different digital systems. Students will complete a variety of activities in areas of plugged learning (using a device), unplugged learning (no device), the use of robotics and software programs e.g. DB Primary and Purple Mash.



Foundation students will participate in the Perceptual Motor Program (PMP) afternoon and in 4 different Specialist classes during the week that go for 1 hour each. PMP is to assist the development of student’s gross motor skills. The Specialist classes that Preps will be participating in this semester are:

-       The Arts with Diana T-Hume

-       Physical Education with Bill Hains

-       Digital Technologies & Library with Brooke Gianchino

-       Science with Bianca Caruana


We are looking for any parents with Working With Children’s Checks to assist in the morning sessions from 9-11am with literacy and cutting up our fruit for ‘Crunch and Sip.’ Any parents, who would love to be a part of our learning in the Prep rooms, please talk with your child’s teacher and let them know your availability. A Working with Children Check can be completed online at


Special Events, Excursions and Incursions for Semester

  • First Aid Incursion Monday 12th February
  • Open Night 5-7pm Tuesday 27th February
  • RACV Road Safety Incursion Tuesday 6th March
  • Responsible Pet Ownership Incursion Wednesday 14th March
  • Myuna Farm Excursion Tuesday 8th May



We look forward to a fun filled semester with lots of learning and achievements!


From the Foundation Team

Pania Malesevic, Emma Jepson, Zoe Bartus & Brodie Davenport