Junior School

Term 2 in the Junior School!

We are very excited this term to introduce students to our new portfolio and blogging software, DB Primary. The students will be able to use this software to showcase their best work and to engage in meaningful discussions about their learning. Teachers will also be uploading photos of students and writing about what we are learning each week.


This term is shaping up to be very busy already! We have already started our new science inquiry unit which focuses on the needs of living things. Students will have the opportunity to think about what they already know about what living things need to survive and develop questions that they will explore throughout the remainder of the term. 


Students will learn to pose and respond to questions about familiar objects and events and predict outcomes of investigations. They will record, sort and represent their observations and communicate their ideas to others. We will be making the most of the beautiful wetlands that we have along the boundary of the school and will be organising several walking excursions to this area to explore different aspects of the environment. 


Junior students will continue to work on our writing program, Big Write/VCOP and be focusing on the writing topics of Information Reports and Poetry. Keep an eye out for the ‘Big Talk’ homework where we encourage students to have conversations with you about writing topics to help with developing their ideas.


Our reading sessions will continue, with students taking part in Reader’s Workshop activities focusing on CAFÉ strategies and activities. They will work with the teacher on Comprehension, Fluency, Accuracy and Expanding Vocabulary. Students will regularly visit the school library and our book nook to borrow books of interest and that are at the appropriate reading level.


In Numeracy this term we will be working on improving our skills in Counting, Place Value, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Weight and Mass and Location. Students will complete lots of hands on activities and begin to develop and extend their problem solving skills.


Each week in our Digital Technology sessions, students are learning about the difference between ICT skills and Digi Tech and plugged and unplugged learning. Students explore how different devices work (Digi Tech) and continue to work on developing their skills in using these devices (ICT Skills).


In week 5 and 6, students will be participating in our annual intensive swimming program, where they will swim at our local pool each day. This program is very valuable in teaching students a range of swimming skills, from basic water safety to more structured swimming lessons.


Please feel free to speak any of the junior teachers in regards to learning that is taking place in each classroom. Enjoy Term 2! 


From the Junior Team

Belinda Heard, Amy Kleinsmit, Kathy Hengel, Rebecca Matlock, Brooke Gianchino, Sue Nicholas, Vicki Graeme, Joanna Guevarra