Middle School


Term 2 with the Middles


Welcome to an exciting and busy Term 2. Lots of things happening this term including NAPLAN and swimming which we are looking forward to. We are continuing to learn Indonesian in the classroom, and are beginning to use this every day in basic conversations.

Our Guided Inquiry unit this term is called ‘living in harmony’ and is about civics and citizenship. This incorporates laws, rules, government, democracy and how these may affect us in our daily lives.

In Literacy we will continue to build student knowledge and skills around our Reader’s and Writer’s workshops.  The goal is to build students stamina in both areas and to deepen their understanding. In writing we will continue with the VCOP writing program including a fortnightly Big Write based on the text types for this term i.e. Narrative, Persuasive, Transactional and Descriptive. In reading we will incorporate elements of the CAFÉ program into our Reader’s Workshop, with major focuses on comprehension and vocabulary.

In Numeracy this term we will be developing student understanding of Addition and Subtraction, Time, Data, Patterns and Algebra and Location. Students will be involved in daily Number Talks to improve their ability to verbalise the strategies that they are using, the language used in numeracy and strengthen their problem solving skills.

Please feel free to speak any of the Middle teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our door is always open! We look forward to a productive and successful Term 2.  

From the Middle Team,


Jill Appleton, Adriana Grant, Stephanie Allan, Veronica Butterfield and Lisa Tims.



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