Middle School

 Term 4 with the Middles  


We have almost made it to the end of another fantastic year! There are lots of things happening this term including the middles app challenge and our Science Incursion. Transition will begin in week 7 and we are excited to get ready for 2018. All of our wonderful work will continue to be put on DB primary, on both our blog and portfolio. If you need help getting access to your DB primary account at home please see your classroom teacher for assistance!

Indonesian is becoming a regular part of our classrooms with students developing their ability to have simple conversations using their knowledge of the language. We have lots of interactive activities and games for this term to help learn new everyday terms.


Our Guided Inquiry unit this term is called ‘Shaping the Earth’ and is a science based unit which looks at a range of topics including relationships between the Earth, sun and the moon, natural Earth processes (floods, volcanos, drought), and human impacts on the Earth. 


In Literacy we will continue to strengthen student knowledge and skills around our Reader’s and Writer’s workshops. In writing we will continue with the VCOP writing program including a fortnightly Big Write based on the text types for this term i.e. Persuasives, Information Reports and Explanations. In reading we will incorporate elements of the CAFÉ program into our Reader’s Workshop, with major focuses on comprehension and vocabulary.


In Numeracy this term we will be developing student understanding of Fractions, Money, Chance and Volume and Capacity. Students will be involved in daily Number Talks to improve their ability to verbalise the strategies that they are using, the language used in numeracy and strengthen their problem solving skills.


Please feel free to speak any of the Middle teachers in regards to the learning that is taking place in each classroom, our door is always open! We look forward to a productive and successful Term 4.  


From the Middle Team, 


Jill Appleton, Adriana Grant, Stephanie Allan, Veronica Butterfield and Lisa Tims.

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