Senior School

Welcome to Semester 2 in Seniors!

We have so many amazing things happening in Grade 5 and 6 and we will be busy, busy, busy!

In Inquiry this Semester, we will be looking at ‘Art Attack’ and ‘Discovering Democracy.’
For Art attack, we will be looking at different artists and illustrators work and heading to the city on an excursion to check out some galleries and artwork around Melbourne! We will also be producing some pieces of our own work for the Art Expo.
For Discovery Democracy we will be looking at how different governments are set up and how countries are run from the different levels of Local, State and Federal. We will even have a go at electing our own class president!

During Literacy sessions, we will take part in daily Readers’ Workshop activities which focus on the CAFÉ strategies Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency and Expanded Vocabulary. Students will regularly visit the school library to borrow books, for school and home, which are of interest and at an appropriate reading level. Our mentor texts for Term 2 will focus around looking at the artwork and illustrations of a range of books. We will look in detail at Mark Wilsons, Junko Morimoto, and Colin Thompson’s work.

Our writing program Big Write/VCOP will continue as we have found that it improves student writing content and stamina. Students will learn writing strategies and set writing goals for themselves and each other. Our big focus this Semester will be descriptive writing, reports, and procedures! We will also be using the SMART spelling program and using some of the strategies in the ‘7steps of writing’ to help improve our creative writing.


Our Maths sessions are split into three areas this Semester; Number and Algebra which will focus on number and place value, fractions and financial mathematics. The second area is Measurement and Geometry which will focus on volume and capacity, shape, angles, transformations, and tessellations. Thirdly we will focus on Statistics and Probability and learn about chance. We have lots of great hands-on activities, challenges and RICH tasks planned and look forward to sharing our work with you on our DB blog.

This Semester for LOTE (Language Other Than English) we are continuing to use the app Duolingo to learn French. We will practice our conversational skills and learn all about France and its culture.

Each week, Seniors will participate in Digital Technology (Digi Tech) sessions. This Semester we will be involved in lots of unplugged games which will help us learn some key Digi Tech vocab. We will learn about creating digital solutions and debugging. With our CUE Robots, we will use our coding skills and create digital solutions to some classroom problems. Students work will be uploaded on DB primary, so don’t forget to check it out to see what we have been working on and creating.

 We look forward to a semester of fun, creativity, and learning by all!