Physical Education

Throughout the year, our students participate in weekly Physical Education sessions that target students gross motor and skill development. These sessions are also supplemented with our junior, middle and senior sport program that is conducted once a week with classroom teachers. Our prep students also participate in a weekly PMP program, where they play games and enjoy group activities that target different gross motor skills. 



The Arts

As with our Physical Education program, our students participate in a weekly session that focuses on all elements of The Arts. This program is designed to incorporate dance, drama, visual arts, media arts and music. Within preps and juniors, the students will participate in a play based program where they can explore, experiment and make meaning. The middles and seniors will participate in an elective style program. 


New to 2017, our science program will be taught by classroom teachers throughout the year and supported by our science teacher in Semester One for middles and seniors and in Semester Two for juniors and preps. Our science program will focus on Biological, Physical, Chemical and Earth and Space sciences and science inquiry skills. For more detailed information, please refer to our Prep, Junior, Middle and Senior pages. 



Digital Technologies

We have a mixture of iPads and laptops for each class which means that we are able to integrate digital technologies within our day to day classroom program. Our prep students also participate in a weekly session in our ICT lab, where they learn about how to use different devices, applications and software.  



Our students learn Indonesian as a second language with their classroom teachers on a day to day basis. Our Juniors and Middles will also be learning Indonesian with our specialists during Semester Two in a 1 hour weekly Indonesian session.