eSmart at Coral Park

eSmart Schools


Since 2012 Coral Park has been part of the eSmart program. The program help guides schools in ensuring that the Coral Park is a school where the smart, safe and responsible use of information and communications technology is a cultural norm. Students, teachers and the wider school community are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, while being savvy about the pitfalls.


In eSmart schools, relationships are strong and supportive and learning outcomes are enhanced. Bullying and cyberbullying are therefore less likely to thrive.

A committee drawn from all areas of the Coral Park school community provides us with a strong and effective organisation to guide implementation of systems, structures and planning to ensure a school reaches and maintains eSmart status.
Below are links to our cyber safe activities and downloadable forms that need to be completed by parents or guardians.


Acceptable use of Technology Permission Letter - Grades 3-6

Welcome to Coral Park Years Presentation Grades 3-6

Media Permission Form P-6